Why Did Korra Cry When Jinora?

Did Zaheer kill Tenzin?

After a pitched and huge airbending match that takes the two masters to the heights of the world, Tenzin is defeated by Zaheer and his life taken.

Korra hears the news shortly after their kidnapping attempt on her in Zaofu.

Why not kill him for no reason other than to make Zaheer a threat..

Is Zaheer really a bad guy?

He isn’t an Equalist, Unalaq and Vaatu do have some association with him (Unalaq was once in the red lotus, and the red lotus had planned to open the spirit portals) but the real reason they appear to Korra is simply because they are her past villains. Ultimately, yes, he’s a bad guy.

Who killed Sokka?

It is not known how Sokka died. We know that he died during Korras lifetime because he was one of the people who defended a baby korra from the red lotus group. He probably just died of natural causes.

Why did Zaheer helps Korra?

Seeking to make amends for his actions that led to the rise of brutal fascist dictator Kuvira, Zaheer helps Korra to overcome her fear of him so she can finally enter the Spirit World and reconnect with Raava.

Why was Korra Cancelled?

Korra’s final season didn’t even get to air on TV — halfway through season three, just when many fans believed the show was at its creative peak, Nickelodeon pulled it from its TV schedule, citing declining ratings. Instead, the last half of season three and all of a truncated season four were only released online.

Does Korra have PTSD?

By the end of Book Three: Change, Korra had survived and defeated Zaheer and the Red Lotus, but unfortunately, the battle left her physically broken, mentally traumatized and dealing with the complications of PTSD.