What Resonate Means?

Does resonate mean relate?

Resonate is defined as to produce a vibrating sound or to relate in a harmonious way..

What is another word for resonate?

Synonyms of ‘resonate’ The rumble of thunder echoed through the valley. resound. The soldiers’ boots resounded in the street. vibrate.

How do you use the word resonate?

Resonate sentence examplesThe values we address today do not only resonate with people with deeply held religious convictions. … Here are at least some of the top 5 fashion for females in the 80s – those that had a strong impact and still resonate strongly today, either for their notoriety or their beauty! … resonate at a certain energy frequency.More items…

Can a person resonate with something?

To feel shared emotions or beliefs with something or someone: Everywhere she speaks, millions resonate with her message.

How do you use resonant in a sentence?

Resonant in a Sentence 🔉The resonant sound in the amphitheater travels to every seat in the house. … Long after the meeting, I was still thinking about my mentor’s resonant words. … Reading the resonant memoir caused Amy to spend hours reflecting upon her life.More items…

What does it mean to resonate with you?

So, when you say that something resonates with you, you’re saying that it is sympathetic with your own experience and outlook. It is particularly meaningful for you and you may be moved emotionally by it. But you might not be moved to action, either to do something or to create something.

What is to resonate?

verb. to resound or cause to resound; reverberate. (of a mechanical system, electrical circuit, chemical compound, etc) to exhibit or cause to exhibit resonance. (intr often foll by with) to be understood or receive a sympathetic responsethemes which will resonate with voters.

Is Resignate a word?

verb. To force or otherwise cause the [resignation] of someone or something. [Resignation], meaning [to leave] a held position, usually of some power.

How do you use resonate in a sentence?

Resonating sentence examplesT, Part of resonating pipe, the upper end with cap and vent hole being shown separately at the side. … Koenig also used the apparatus to investigate the effect on the frequency of a fork of a resonating cavity placed near it. … One of their most famous innovations is the use of resonating tuning forks in the Accutron line.More items…

What is resonate in the Bible?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresonate with something phrasal verb1 CHARACTER OF something formal to be full of a particular meaning or quality literature that resonates with biblical imagery2 to be full of a particular sound a hall resonating with laughter → resonate→ See Verb table.

What is another word for relate?

Some common synonyms of relate are associate, combine, connect, join, link, and unite.

How do you resonate with your audience?

Try being:Specific — Each article should be simple and direct, no matter what length it is. … Useful — Useful stuff is memorable, and it resonates with your audience. … Brave — Don’t be afraid to say the things no one else is saying. … Emotional — Good content gets us worked up.