What Positions Make Up The General Staff?

What is g4 in the army?

G4 is responsible for logistics activities within the 7th Army Training Command.

Conducts logistical requirement planning and develops appropriate policies and plans that support a forward based training command.

Ensures that all logistical resources within 7ATC are properly allocated and employed..

Is a colonel a field grade officer?

Colonel, the highest field-grade officer, ranking just below the general officer grades in most armies or below brigadier in the British services. A colonel was traditionally the commanding officer of a regiment or brigade.

What are the 17 branches of the army?

Combat Arms BranchesInfantry. … Air Defense Artillery. … Armor. … Aviation. … Corps of Engineers. … Field Artillery. … Special Forces.

What are the four types of Army briefings?

There are four (4) basic types: the information brief, the decision brief, the staff brief, and the mission brief. Although there are elements, which are common to all four, each type of brief is distinct in that it is designed to accomplish a specific purpose.

What is Army G staff?

G branch. The general branch, responsible for operations, intelligence and training. A branch. The administration branch, responsible for all aspects of personnel management….Under the BM were several GSO III (rank captain) officers:Operations (the senior captain)Intelligence.Liaison. … Air.

What is s3 in the army?

Job Description An S3 is responsible for training every aspect of a battalion’s operations. When the unit is deployed, the S3 is in charge for operations planning. He is expected to anticipate the situations that may arise during combat and prepare standard operating procedures for handling these conflicts.

What does s3 stand for in the Army?

training and operationsS1 is personnel, S2 is Intel and security, S3 is training and operations, S4 is supply, no one really has an S5 anymore but historically it was for plans, and S6 is commo/ IT support. These are the basic building blocks of an Army unit.

How do you become a commanding officer?

The Paths to Becoming an OfficerAttend a senior military college or service academy.Enroll at a traditional college or university with a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program.Attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) after graduating from college.Receive a direct commission after earning a professional degree.More items…

What are the three types of staff officers?

The basic staff structure includes a chief of staff (COS) or executive officer (XO), and three staff groups: coordinating, special, and personal. (See figure C-1.)

What is Army g1 g2 g3 g4?

G1-G9 are staff officer “functional responsibilities.” G1 is personnel, G2 intelligence, G3 operations/training, G4 logistics, G5 civil/military operations (i.e. working with civilians, note that this is not present), G6 is command/control/communications/computers (C^4), G7 is info operations (i.e. “psychological …

What makes a good staff officer?

It is through the development of these skills professionalism, optimism, “Buy-in” and ownership, Motivation, awareness of the environment, and understanding of the details and how they fit into the big picture; that junior staff Officers can positively affect the organization, and prepare for future assignments at …

What is a staff duty officer?

The Staff Duty Officer (SDO) is an officer, acting as the appointed representative of the Commander when the Commander is not present or after the end of the duty day. The SDO is responsible for executing all orders given by the Commander as well as the security within his area of responsibility.

Why is there no s5 in the army?

The S-5 went away a long time ago because the Army started using actual Civil Affair Units, who often provide Liaisons with larger unit Staff sections and the S-2 and S-3 shops took over the various functions of dealing with Civilians for Staff planning.

What is the difference between a line officer and a staff officer?

A line officer is accountable for the results expected. Staff officers are those who support the line officers, performing critical services in administrative, logistical, analytical, engineering and other functions. The “staff manager” or professional in a business operates in much the same way.

What was the function of the General Staff?

General staff, in the military, a group of officers that assists the commander of a division or larger unit by formulating and disseminating his policies, transmitting his orders, and overseeing their execution.