What Is Another Word For Take Action?

What type of word is action?


the process or state of acting or of being active: The machine is not in action now.

something done or performed; act; deed..

Can I get a hold of you?

5 Answers. The three variations of this expression exist and are acceptable. The meaning actually depends on what follows of, so get hold/ahold of someone means communicate with/reach someone and get hold/ahold of something means obtaining/literally reaching out for something.

What does have a hold on someone mean?

have a hold on (someone) To use knowledge of one’s past behavior or misdeeds as a means of leverage or manipulation.

What is the meaning of get hold?

1 : to get possession of (something) : to succeed in getting (something) Somehow she managed to get hold of the band’s new album before it came out. Where did you get hold of that idea? 2 : to find and talk to (someone) : to contact (someone) I need to talk to my lawyer, but I haven’t been able to get hold of him.

What is the difference between action and activity?

An activity is when you’re busy doing something, but that task will never produce an outcome by itself. Action, on the other hand, is an act that will get you a result.

What is an example of an action?

The definition of an action is something that is done or performed. Performing a skit and baking a cake are each an example of an action.

What does get ahold of yourself mean?

Definition of get hold of oneself : to get control of ones’ thoughts and emotions and stop behaving in a foolish or uncontrolled way Get a hold of yourself and tell me what happened.

What is another word for take?

What is another word for take?removeextracttake outunearthuprootweed outwheedle outtake offyankpick off39 more rows

What is the meaning of take action?

: to do something : to act in order to get a particular result The committee is ready to take action.

Is take action verb?

Action verbs fall into two main categories: transitive and intransitive. A transitive verb is one that affects a specific object (a direct object). … Some other common transitive verbs that need to be followed by a direct object are send, take, tell, make, and bring.

What grasp means?

to seize and hold by or as if by clasping with the fingers or arms. to seize upon; hold firmly. to get hold of mentally; comprehend; understand: I don’t grasp your meaning.