What Is A Slick?

What’s the meaning of adroit?

: having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations an adroit leader adroit maneuvers..

What does it mean to be called Slick?

The slang definition of slick has a positive and negative meaning. The positive meaning is a clever person. The negative meaning is a person who can also be a cheat or a swindle. … Around the time of the emergence of the slang use of slick, the word meant quick or glossy.

What is a slick in marketing?

Marketing slicks are printed, single-page advertisements or digital pictures that display your product, highlight a few enticing sales details and perhaps list some technical specifications. … Advertisers use glossy paper for printed slicks, hence the name “slicks.”

What is slick slider?

Slick is a fresh new jQuery plugin for creating fully customizable, responsive and mobile friendly carousels/sliders that work with any html elements.

What is another word for slick?


What does you aint slick mean?

Yes, slick means clever or ingenious. “You ain’t slick” usually implies that someone did something manipulative in a way that they thought was cleverly deceptive. The phrase means “You didn’t fool me, you’re not that clever.

What is the opposite of slick?

make slick or smooth. Antonyms: artless, dull, implausible, nonslippery.

What is the meaning of lubricious?

1 : marked by wantonness : lecherous also : salacious. 2 [Latin lubricus] : having a smooth or slippery quality a lubricious skin.

What does Slick cute mean?

adjective. impressive; “cool”; “awesome”. Pretty slick, dude.

What are sales sheets?

A sales sheet, also known as a product datasheet, sales slick or sell sheet, is a tool that relays product or service details, such as features, benefits and pricing in a one-sheet format. Small business owners offer sale sheets to help customers make buying decisions, as well as sway decisions.