What Does EN Mean In Spanish?

What does en Reparto mean in Spanish?

in distribution”en reparto” means “in distribution”..

How do you use sobre in Spanish?

Sobre can mean over or about for instance there is a spanish film starring Penelope Cruz called “Todo sobre mi madre” All about my mother and as a noun un sobre means a envelope which you use to post a letter. ‘encima de’ is closer to ‘on top of’, and ‘sobre’ is a bit more vague, basically meaning ‘over’ or ‘above’.

What does Maliob mean?

My love@idkidk1 It’s “My love” but with a bad grammar, using Spanish pronunciation, mai-lob. Mai – My. lob -love.

What does Ñañe mean in Spanish?

English Translation. yam. More meanings for ñame. yam noun.