Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Comfortably?

How do you describe being uncomfortable?

Uneasy describes an uncomfortable feeling.

You might feel socially uneasy when dining with your girlfriend’s parents if they don’t like you very much.

Your stomach may also feel uneasy at that same dinner and gurgle in an embarrassing way.

The adjective uneasy has many shades of meaning, most involving mild discomfort..

How do you describe the feeling of relief?

RELIEFbody slumping, losing its stiff posture.shaky laughter.a slow smile.falling back into a chair.asking/demanding someone to repeat good news.asking a redundant question to assure that the moment is real.eyes that go up, looking heavenward.letting out a huge breath.More items…

What is the opposite of newest?

Antonyms for newestusual.deteriorated.existent.existing.out-of-date.outdated.unstylish.worn.More items…

What is the opposite of strong?

Antonym of StrongWordAntonymStrongWeakGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite word for comfortable?

What is the opposite of comfortable?barepoorneedyruineduncomfortableunhappydiscontentedhardhopelesswretched24 more rows

What is the opposite of mostly?

generally, mainly: infrequently, rarely, seldom.

What is the opposite of most expensive?

most expensivelow-cost.economical.economic.competitive.affordable.reasonable.reasonably priced. phr.keenly priced. phr.More items…

What is the antonyms of beautiful?

Antonyms for beautifulawkward.bad.coarse.crude.drab.dull.homely.horrible.More items…

What is another word for uncomfortable?

In this page you can discover 82 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for uncomfortable, like: hurt, restless, suffering, strained, agonizing, annoying, prickly, disturbed, weary, fatigued and aching.

What means unpleasant?

adjective. not pleasant; displeasing; disagreeable; offensive: an unpleasant taste; an unpleasant situation; an unpleasant manner.

What does discomfit mean?

to confuse and deject; disconcert: to be discomfited by a question. to frustrate the plans of; thwart; foil. Archaic. to defeat utterly; rout: The army was discomfited in every battle.

What is the opposite of a relief?

relief. Antonyms: oppression, aggravation, intensification, burdensomeness, trouble, exhaustion, weariness, discomfort. Synonyms: succor, support, release, extrication, alleviation, mitigation, aid, holp, assistance, remedy, redress, exemption, deliverance, refreshment, comfort.

Is comfy a word?

adjective, com·fi·er, com·fi·est. Informal. comfortable.

Is comfortability a real word?

Comfortability definitions. (countable) The degree to which something or someone is comfortable. (uncountable) Comfort; the condition of being comfortable.

What does comfortability mean?

comfortability (countable and uncountable, plural comfortabilities) Comfort. Comfortableness; a state of being comfortable or relaxed.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of comfortable?

WiktionaryAntonyms: comfortless, uncomfortable.Antonyms: uncomfortable, comfortless.Antonyms: comfortless, uncomfortable.This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. Antonyms: … I’ll be quite comfortable here, what a great guestroom! Antonyms: … Synonyms: snug, eathful, comforting, restful, cozy.Synonyms: safe.

Is relief an emotion?

Relief is a positive emotion experienced when something unpleasant, painful or distressing has not happened or has come to an end. Relief is often accompanied with a sigh, which signals emotional transition. People from all over the world can recognise sighs with relief, and judge relief to be a fundamental emotion.

What is the similar word of relief?

Words related to relief reprieve, help, alleviation, assistance, comfort, satisfaction, respite, maintenance, support, happiness, softening, balm, rest, sustenance, abatement, cure, deliverance, appeasement, solace, ease.