Question: Which Subject Is Best For Army?

Can arts students join army?

If you have arts then you can join the Indian Army after graduation through the Combined Defence Service exam (CDSE).

This exam is conducted twice a year in the months of February and November by UPSC..

Which stream is best for Defence?

To join NDA it would be preferable to take up PCM in XI class. Although the exam is open for all streams but a student with Maths and science will fare better in the written exam.

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Can I join Army after BA?

After B.A. you may appear for CDS (COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICE) exam to join Indian Army. CDS exam conducted by UPSC twice a year for entry in to various wing of defence service of Indian Army. Selection to CDS is done through written exam followed by personal interview.

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Can we join army through UPSC?

Candidates can join the Indian Army through NDA by taking the exam organised by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The UPSC NDA Exam is held twice every year. … Upon completion of training, they are granted Permanent Commission in the Army.

What army jobs do I qualify for?

Each Army job is given a code known as a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Every MOS has different ASVAB score requirements….Army Line Scores:MOSARMY JOB TITLEMinimum ASVAB Line Scores11XInfantry Enlistment OptionCO:8712BCombat EngineerCO:8712CBridge CrewmemberCO:8712DDriverGM:98 & GT:107 & ST:106147 more rows

Which subject is required for Indian Army?

As your aim is Indian army, you must take the Pure science stream in your 10+2 level. The subjects which are required for the entry level of 10+2 level is Physics, Chemistry, Maths.

How do I get into army?

What are the qualifications to join the Army?You must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien.Be between the ages of 17-34. … Have a high school diploma.Have no more than two dependents.Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.Pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam.

How is salary in Indian Army?

After the 6th Pay Commission, the pay scale of an Indian Army Officer has increased….Indian Army Salary, Pay Scale & Allowances.Name of the PostLieutenantPay Scale15600-39100 (Level 10)Grade Pay5400Army Service Pay6000Total In-hand Cash (Indian Army Salary)68,00014 more columns•Jul 6, 2020

What do you study in the army?

10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES) Eligibility:Candidates who have completed Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with at least 70% of marks are eligible to apply for Technical Entry Scheme.A written exam will be conducted in January and June every year for the TES.More items…

What we have to study to become army?

Education & Training for an Army Soldier To become an Army soldier you have to complete Year 10 or equivalent with passes in English and mathematics. As a part of the application process, you will need to attend a YOU Session, Assessment Day and pass your pre-entry fitness assessment.

Is it hard to get into army?

It is absolutely harder to get into the military than it is to get into college in the US. … To be admitted to a college in the US, you need to meet basic residency requirements (which can include being homeless) and have either a high school diploma or GED.