Question: What Is The JIC?

What size is JIC 6?

JIC 37° Flare (SAE J514)Inch sizeDash sizeThread Size5⁄16-51⁄2 – 203⁄8-69⁄16 – 181⁄2-83⁄4 – 165⁄8-107⁄8 – 149 more rows.

How do you tighten a JIC fitting?

THE “FLATS” TIGHTENING METHOD FOR JICTighten the nut by hand until it bottoms the seats.Using a marker, draw a line lengthwise on the nut and extend it onto the adapter.Using a wrench, rotate the nut to tighten. Turn the nut the amount shown on the chart.

How do I know my JIC size?

NPTF, BSPT and BSPP measure 1/4” larger than their actual size. For example, a 1/4” NPTF, BSPT or BSPP will actually measure 1/2” on the O. D. of the threads. JIC, SAE O-ring & Flat Face threads measure as listed below. The first number listed is the size of thread, the second number is the threads per inch.

What is JIC in business?

Just in case (JIC) is an inventory strategy in which companies keep large inventories on hand. This type of inventory management strategy aims to minimize the probability that a product will sell out of stock.

How does a JIC fitting work?

JIC fittings rely on metal-to-metal contact between the finished surface of the fitting nose and the inside diameter of the flared tubing to make a seal. SSP takes great care in the manufacturing process to produce a flared nose surface that far exceeds published specifications.

Will JIC fittings work with an?

The majority of the hydraulic population agrees, the JIC (or SAE) 37 degree fittings are generally interchangeable with AN fittings. … And it’s worth noting that the JIC fittings are a fraction of the price of their true “AN” counterparts.

What degree is a an fitting?

AN fittings are a flare fitting, using 37° flared tubing to form a metal-metal seal. They are similar to other 37° flared fittings, such as JIC, which is their industrial variant.

Are JIC and UNF the same?

JIC / SAE 37 degree / UNF Straight. The only effective difference is that JIC (also known as SAE 37 degree) has a conical seating face (37 degree or 74 degree total angle) and UNF Straight has a flat seat – sealing being effected by use of a washer. Male JIC fittings have a convex cone, female fittings a concave cone.

How much pressure can Compression Fittings hold?

Compression fittings are the perfect choice for high pressure applications. In combination with a high pressure tubing material like steel, large compression fittings can often be used at pressures in excess of 10,000 psig.

What does JIC stand for?

Joint Industry CouncilJIC fittings, defined by the SAE J514 and MIL-DTL-18866 standards, are a type of flare fitting machined with a 37-degree flare seating surface. JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings are widely used in fuel delivery and fluid power applications, especially where high pressure (up to 10,000 psi) is involved.

How do I know what size hydraulic fitting I need?

To measure the thread’s outer diameter (or male thread), place the ID/OD caliper around the fitting threads for a snug fit, as shown in Figure 2. For the inner diameter (or female thread), insert the caliper into the fitting for the correct measurement and match to the manufacturer’s data charts.

How do you measure a flare fitting?

Measure the Outside Diameter (OD) of your pipe or pipe fitting:Wrap a string around the pipe.Mark the point where the string touches together.Use a ruler or measuring tape to find the length between the tip of the string and the mark you made (circumference)Divide the circumference by 3.14159.

Does JIC fit NPT?

JIC fittings is absolute different seal, not interchangeable. JIC hydraulic fittings is used in high pressure system, NPT fittings is used in low-pressure system. NPT pipe threads have always been popular, as leaks can be fixed by simply tightening the fitting.

What size is #6 JIC fitting?

DimensionsFITTING SIZEHOSE O.D.D-6⅜″ (9.53mm)0.318-8½″ (12.70mm)0.426-10⅝″ (15.88mm)0.539-12¾″ (19.05mm)0.6644 more rows