Question: What Does PC Mean On Instagram Edits?

What does PC mean in social media?

Politically CorrectPC — Politically Correct.

PC — Piece of Crap..

What does PC mean in jail?

Protective custodyProtective custody is a type of imprisonment (or care) to protect a person from harm, either from outside sources or other prisoners. Many administrators believe the level of violence, or the underlying threat of violence within prisons, is a chief factor causing the need for PC units.

What does PC mean on Instagram?

Personal Computer”Personal Computer” is the most common definition for PC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How do you edit captions on Instagram on the computer?

Mac or PCFrom developer mode, go to any of your posts.Click on the three dots in the right corner.Click on Edit.Edit the caption, hashtags, location, or tags.Click the blue check mark in the right corner when finished.

What is PC slang for?

If you say that someone is PC, you mean that they are extremely careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who have a disadvantage. PC is an abbreviation for politically correct.

What does DT mean in Instagram edits?

dedicated toDT – dedicated to (Just like when a book has dedications, this is for when you think a certain someone might love to have that edit dedicated to them.

What does keep it PC mean?

politically correct: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated. Other Words from politically correct Example Sentences Learn More about politically correct.

Who Is a PC person?

Political correctness (adjectivally: politically correct; commonly abbreviated PC) is a term used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society.

What are PC babies mean?

The PC Babies, Riley, Bailey, Harper, River, and Emory, are the children of PC Principal and Strong Woman after they had intercourse in “Splatty Tomato”. In episodes, they are used as a device to reference the Snowflake Generation; young adults who are very politically correct and offended easily.

Can you refuse protective custody?

All states have laws that authorize a police officer to take a person into “protective custody” when they are deemed to be unable to care for themselves, a risk to themselves, or are otherwise incapacitated. … The officer cannot override the patient’s right to consent or decline treatment.

How do I post on Instagram?

Step #1: First things first, open up Instagram. Step #2: Tap the plus button on the bottom. Step #3: Choose the image or video you’d like to post: you can choose to add a from your camera roll or take a photo or video right in the app.

How do I edit a post on Instagram?

To edit your Instagram posts:Navigate to your post.Click the 3 dots on the top right of your post.Hit the “Edit” button.Go ahead and edit your caption, change your location, add account tags to your photo or video.Hit “Done” on the upper right-hand side.

What is administrative segregation?

The second type of confinement is known as administrative segregation, which is used when prisoners are deemed a risk to the safety of other inmates or prison staff. Prisoners in administrative segregation are placed into isolation units for months or years.

What does general population in jail mean?

In prison organization, the general population refers to the group of inmates who are not given any specific treatment. In epidemiology, the general population refers to all individuals without reference to any specific characteristic.

How do you edit text on Instagram stories?

Edit Highlight StoryOpen your Instagram app and enter the main page.Tap your profile picture at the bottom right. … Tap the procedures you want to edit. … Tap the three-dot symbol (three dots placed vertically on top of each other) at the bottom right. … Click Edit Highlights in the list.More items…•