Question: How Much Are USPS Union Dues?

How do you calculate union dues?

Dues are calculated simply as two and one half (2.5) times your hourly wage.

Dues are payable every month to the Local Union.

As most Union Contracts include annual wage increases, your Union Dues may increase as a result of your raise..

What is starting pay at USPS?

The average starting pay for an entry-level postal employee is $21 an hour with benefits. This is extremely competitive in the marketplace.

Is USPS a union job?

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is a labor union in the United States. It represents over 200,000 employees and retirees of the United States Postal Service who belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, and Support Services divisions. It also represents approximately 2,000 private-sector mail workers.

How many years do you have to work for the post office to retire?

However, to be eligible, you will need to meet the following conditions: Employed by the USPS for at least 31 days before the notice made by the VERA. You must be older than 50 with minimum 20 years of US government employment, or can be of any age if you have 25 years worth of government service under your name.

Is working for USPS a good job?

The United States Postal Service is a good company to work for. The work is enjoyable; However, the load can be a bit much at times. It offers good pay, benefits, and opportunity for advancement. I work a an RCA (a sub for regular rural mail carriers).

What are union dues for?

Union dues may be used to support a wide variety of programs or activities, including paying the salaries and benefits of union leaders and staff; union governance; legal representation; legislative lobbying; political campaigns; pension, health, welfare and safety funds and the union strike fund.

How do I stop union dues from USPS?

If a non-career employee wants to cancel dues withholding when rehired, he or she may do so within 10 days by submitting PS Form 1188. A non-career employee may also cancel dues withholding according to the 20/10 day requirement, i.e., not more than 20 days, and not less than 10 days before the anniversary date.

What is the highest paying job in the post office?

Highest Paid Positions in the Postal ServiceTitle20162017CHIEF HR OFFICER241,870.00257,220.00CHIEF MKT & SALES OFCR250,335.00259,280.00DPMG/CHIEF GOV RELS254,874.00266,700.00EVP GENERAL COUNSEL241,870.00257,220.0012 more rows•Jun 7, 2017

What is the best job at USPS?

“Rural Carrier is the best job in the post office” – Postal Employees – Federal Soup.

Can you write off union dues on taxes?

Union Dues and Expenses Dues paid for an initiation fee into a union are tax deductible. You may also deduct assessments for benefit payments to unemployed union members.

What percentage of pay goes to union dues?

0.07095%Alberta 0.07095%, effective Feb 1, 1989 British Columbia 0.1649%, effective Feb 1, 1989 Manitoba 0.0942%, effective Feb 1, 1989 National Capital Region $2.25, effective Jan 1, 2015 New Brunswick 0.128%, effective Jan 1, 2018 Newfoundland and Labrador 0.1398%, effective Jan 1, 2018 Nova Scotia 0.1398%, effective Feb 1, …

How much are APWU union dues?

The union will bill your annual $35 membership dues after you enroll in a health plan. After completing your 360-day initial appointment, you may enroll in the plan’s Consumer Driven Option. The Postal Service pays 75 percent of the premium. With other plans, you’ll pay 100 percent of the premium.

Do postal workers pay union dues?

§ 7102 (federal employees generally); 39 U.S.C. § 1209(c) (postal employees). This means that you cannot be required to pay dues or fees to the union unless you have voluntarily joined the union. … (If the union offers some “members-only” benefits, you might be excluded from receiving those.)

Do union dues show up on w2?

Employers disclose Union Dues paid by employees in Box 14 on Form W-2. You can deduct dues and initiation fees you pay for union membership as unreimbursed employee expenses on Line 21 of Schedule A (Form 1040) Itemized Deductions. … You can claim one type of deduction on your tax return, but not both.

How hard is it to get a job at USPS?

Not difficult but there are some requirements that have to be met. You need to have a clean drug test, no felonies in your background, be willing to work hard, lifting requirements for different jobs. You will have to be flexible with your work days because most jobs are part time at girst. Good luck.