Question: How Do You Use Just In Case?

Is just in case one word or two?

Just in case you haven’t figured this out already: the expression “in case” is two words, not one.

There is a brand of equipment covers sold under the incase brand, but that’s a very different matter, to be used only when you need something in which to encase your iPad..

What’s another word for situation?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for situation, like: condition, predicamental, state of one’s affairs, sphere, state, circumstance, job, status, post, locus and station.

What is the meaning of Incase?

Incase is another word for encase, which is defined as to cover something or someone completely. An example of incase is putting shoes in a box with a lid on top.

Is it just in case or just in case?

If you do something in case or just in case a particular thing happens, you do it because that thing might happen. In case anyone was following me, I made an elaborate detour.

Is it correct to case in should?

The answer is no; “should in case” is not at all grammatically correct. Had I wanted to follow the rules, I would have used only “should” or only “in case”—one or the other, but not both.

What is another word for preemptive?

What is another word for preemptive?anticipatoryproactiveexpectantanticipativeanticipantforetellinganticipatingvisionaryprescientprevisional39 more rows

How do you use just in case in a sentence?

Just-in-case sentence examplesStill, it didn’t hurt to let someone know – just in case. … He promised to keep a close watch on our house, just in case. … You can take notes, just in case we forget something. … And ready an emergency evac plan, just in case. … We both did, just in case. … Pack a bag, just in case.More items…

What’s another way to say just in case?

What is another word for just in case?if necessaryas requiredif need beif requiredshould the need ariseas neededin caseif it should be necessaryshould it be deemed necessaryshould it be necessary

Is just in case formal?

You can make it more formal immediately by simply omitting just: I have also attached the original in case you need it. You can make it more formal than that by not referring to you. Using the passive voice is less conversational and therefore more formal.

What is just in case stock control?

Just in case (JIC) is an inventory strategy in which companies keep large inventories on hand. This type of inventory management strategy aims to minimize the probability that a product will sell out of stock.

How do you say in case in French?

case (= situation) cas m. in some cases dans certains cas. … (= example) to be a case in point être un bon exemple. ( medical) cas m. [ of detective] affaire f. to be on the case être sur le cas. … ( legal case) affaire f ⧫ procès m. (= argument) … (= box) boîte f. … (= holder) étui m.More items…

Which is correct incase or in case?

Incase is a misspelling of the verb encase. As a result, you should always use encase as a verb. The phrase in case, when used to mean if something happens, should remain two words.

What type of conjunction is in case?

This type of conjunction includes words like because, if, although, since, until, and while. A subordinating conjunction is used to introduce a dependent clause….Subordinating conjunctions.RelationshipCommon subordinating conjunctionsConditionif, unless, in caseContrastalthough, though, whereas5 more rows•May 23, 2019

What I need or needed?

In spoken language we might hear “need”. However, “needed – past form” is correct because it follows the first verb “knew”, which is the past. We can say the past “needed” is correct.

What’s the meaning of just in case?

phrase. You can say that you are doing something just in case to refer vaguely to the possibility that a thing might happen or be true, without saying exactly what it is.

What does in this case mean?

phrase. You say in that case or in which case to indicate that what you are going to say is true if the possible situation that has just been mentioned actually exists. Perhaps you’ve some doubts about the attack. In that case it may interest you to know that Miss Woods witnessed it. See full dictionary entry for case.

What does just in time mean?

The just-in-time (JIT) inventory system is a management strategy that aligns raw-material orders from suppliers directly with production schedules. … The JIT inventory system contrasts with just-in-case strategies, wherein producers hold sufficient inventories to have enough product to absorb maximum market demand.

What is the difference between if and in case?

Here, “if” is used to present a conditional situation (dependent it raining), while “in case” is a precaution (done to prepare for the rain). “In case” is usually used to show that an action is being taken, or preparations have been made, as a precaution – so the action or event is completed based on a possibility.

What is another word for if?

What is another word for if?wheneverwhensupposingassumingprovidedpresumingallowinggrantingpresuming thatgiven that16 more rows

How do you use in case?

We use in case to express that we are doing something in preparation for something which might happen. Take an umbrella in case it rains! I’ll buy some more wine in case this bottle is not enough. We use in case of to say what we should do if or when something happens.