Question: How Do I Add Availability On Deputy?

How do I change my availability on deputy?

In the Deputy AppGo to the ‘Me’ tab.Tap on ‘Unavailability’.

If you have no unavailability saved the empty unavailability screen.

On either of these screens you can tap ‘+’ to add new unavailability..

How does Deputy app work?

Deputy is a simple system used to record timesheets for your employers. We’ve created an easy-to-use application that allows you to start and end your shifts. Deputy is a robust platform accessible in numerous ways.

How do I request a change in my work schedule?

How to request a schedule change at workDetermine exactly what you’re requesting.Understand what kind of request is appropriate and realistic for your company.Schedule a meeting with your manager.State your case.Set clear expectations.If approved, transition as professionally as possible.

How do you offer a shift on deputy?

To claim an Open/Offered shift, tap the shift to access the shift details and select ‘Claim Shift’. To accept a Swap Offer, tap the available shift under the swap section and then tap which of your shifts (if any) you would like to swap with this particular shift.

How do you set up a deputy?

Sign Up. To begin, enter your details in the provided boxes, then click the ‘Try Deputy for Free’ button on the homepage, as seen above. Enter your name and email address in the boxes as shown to begin the free trial. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Google+ details to create a new Deputy account.

Which smartphones can run the deputy app?

Deputy Mobile Apps are available for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. Deputy allows employees to manage their work life by keeping up-to-date with their schedules, requesting leave, setting unavailability, swapping shifts and staying in the loop on important business updates straight from their smart device.

How do I delete a deputy calendar?

How to Delete Your Deputy AccountTo remove an employee from your business, follow this ‘How to Remove an Employee from Your Business’ help guide. How to Delete Your Deputy Account. … Then click ‘Edit Profile’.Under the ‘Profile’ tab, click the ‘Delete my account’ button.A prompt will appear. Press ‘OK’ to confirm the deletion.

How do I log into deputy?

If you used your email address to signup for Deputy, or were invited by your employer, enter your Deputy email address along with the account password, and click Log in. You may have used Social Login when you first signed up for Deputy through an existing Google or Facebook account.

How does shift swap work Walmart?

My Walmart Schedule allows associates to view schedules, swap shifts with other associates and even pick up unfilled shifts. … Once associates are trained in a certain skill, they can simply go into the app and pick up shifts. “You can work as a stocker.

How do I write a shift change letter?

Dear Employer’s Name: I am writing this letter to request a change in my shift schedule. My current shift is from 2pm – 10pm. My daughter is beginning school on August 28th, and I would like to change my shift to the morning shift from 10am – 6pm.