Is CA A Gazetted Officer?

Is Doctor a class 1 gazetted officer?

CLASS OF GAZETTED DOCTORS They are the Gazetted officers who can attest nearly all documents.

Postgraduate doctors, their recruitment is done directly by the central government without any exam, and thus they are underclass I of the gazetted officers..

Is a MBBS doctor a gazetted officer?

Yes, any government doctor or for that matter any government official is a gazetted officer. Yes MBBS Doctor is a gazetted officer if he works under govt. Service either central or state. … If the MBBS is appointed as a Civil Assistant Surgeon in the Government, he/she becomes a gazetted officer..

Can a CA attest provisional balance sheet?

A CA. cannot sign the provisional balance sheet as an auditor. At best, he can issue a ‘compilation report’ as per SRS 4410 (Engagements to Compile Financial Information), as an accountant, so as to distinguish between an audit and a compilation engagement.

Which grade officer can attest documents?

For copies of original documents, both Group A and Group B officers can attest the documents. The name, designation and contact number of the gazetted officer should be clearly mentioned.

Is veterinary surgeon a gazetted officer?

Yes in Karnataka Veterinary Officer is a gazetted officer! Yes, Veterinary Officer in Government service is a Class 1 Gazetted Officer. … What requires more schooling, to become a veterinarian or a doctor?

Can a CA attest documents in India?

Yes a CA member can attest but only to the extent it is a document submission for icai. … Generally, a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI), who is in practice do attest any related documents of the Institute because it requires membership number along with seal.

Is it a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked public servants in India. … To that effect, they are de jure representatives and delegates of the Indian State and the President. If a person’s name is published in the Gazette of India or any State Government Gazette, he/she is called Gazetted.

Is Grade 16 a gazetted officer?

BPS – 16 to 22 All Government Officer are gazetted Officer. Designation may like Commissioned Officers in Army/Navy/PAF and Junior Commissioned Officers of Armed Forces (JCOs) and Civil Servants like Assistant Director, Director, Director General, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner are Gazetted Officers.

Where can I find gazetted officer?

You can visit any government organisation to get your required documents attested. Gazetted officers are executive/ managerial/supervisorial level ranked public servants in India, therefore you will find them in Central or State organisations.

Can a gazetted officer attested documents after retirement?

No, a Gazetted Officer ceases to be one after his/her retirement, primarily because the their appointment or service conditions are no longer reflected in the Gazette of India, there will be no nessessity of the same and they no longer act as Officers under the seal of President/ Governor.

What is group ABCD?

The Indian central government or the Indian State government segregates the public employees into various group rankings and further, these groups are divided into various levels. Group – D and C : 7th CPC Pay Levels 1 – 5. Group – B : 7th CPC Pay Level 6-9 (Non-Gazetted) Group – A : 7th CPC Pay Level 10 – 12 (Gazetted …

Can a CA sign project report?

CA should think twice before signing Project Report or Estimates or Provisional Figures after UDIN. … The CA firm boldly issued a disclaimer stating that the figures “have no relation with the actual figures”.

Is SBI manager a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked public servants in India. … Banks are generally not a Central or state government functionary unit and hence do not have any gazetted officers. So, Government bank branch managers are not gazetted officers.

Can we generate Udin after 15 days?

Ans. UDIN is to be generated at the time of signing of the document [for each assignment] through UDIN Portal; however the same can be generated within 15 days of signing the document. Each separate certificate/document requiring certification/attestation will require a separate UDIN.

Is government college lecturer a gazetted officer?

A lecturer in a government college is a gazetted officer. Teachers working in a government school are not gazetted, officers. Though their appointment is made by the government, they are not above the grade pay required to be covered under Class II.

Who are the gazetted officer in West Bengal?

WBCS Group A is Gazetted Officer. In fact WBCS Group B and C are also Gazetted Officer. It is decided on the scale of pay. Officers whose grade pay is Rs 4400 and above are Gazetted officers.

What is group A service?

Central Services (Group A) The Central Civil Services (Group A) are concerned with the administration of the Union Government. All appointments to Central Civil Services (Group A) are made by the President of India.

Is parshad a gazetted officer?

A municipal councillor is not a gazetted Officer in any form. He is only an elected nominee of the public and has a membership in a political aspect. Even members of the legislative assembly or members of parliament are not gazetted officers.

Can CA verify ITR?

In a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) said that, Chartered Accountants ( CA ) are not authorised to certify Income Tax Return (ITR) as True copy. … UDIN is not required for certified true copies.

Who is a class gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked public servants in India. Authority for a gazetted officer to issue an official stamp comes from the President of India or the Governors of States. To that effect, they are de jure representatives and delegates of the Indian State and the President.

What does Gazette mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : newspaper. 2 : an official journal. 3 British : an announcement in an official gazette.