How Is Classified Information Destroyed?

How do you protect classified information?

Protect Classified Information If you find classified material that has been left unattended, immediately protect it by taking personal possession of the material and securing it in a GSA approved security container..

What are the three levels of classified information?

The U.S. government uses three levels of classification to designate how sensitive certain information is: confidential, secret and top secret. The lowest level, confidential, designates information that if released could damage U.S. national security.

How are classified documents destroyed?

Pulping, pulverizing, chopping or shredding, are approved methods for destruction of classified material provided the equipment is of a type and model that has been specifically approved by the GSA or NSA for the destruction of the type of classified material concerned.

Which level of classified information could cause damage?

Information is classified Secret when its unauthorized disclosure would cause “serious damage” to national security. Most information that is classified is held at the secret sensitivity.

What is needed for classified information?

Classified information may be made available to a person only when the possessor of the information establishes that the person has a valid “need to know” and the access is essential to the accomplishment of official government duties.

What is the first step an original classification authority?

Explanation: The OCA must first determine if the information is official when they are officially classifying information. It means that the information should be owned by, produced for or be under U.S government’s control.

Who has responsibility for the overall policy?

Policies are management mandates for the overall organisation. It states management expectations on various matters. From this point of view, management is responsible for all policies.

What information is listed in the Classification Authority block on a document?

The classification authority block, or CAB, identifies the authority and duration of classification determination. It indicates who the document was classified by, derived from, what it was downgraded to (if applicable), and when it was declassified.

Why is information classified?

The purpose of classification is to protect information. Higher classifications protect information that might endanger national security. Classification formalises what constitutes a “state secret” and accords different levels of protection based on the expected damage the information might cause in the wrong hands.

What is the preferred method for destroying classified information?

Methods of destruction Classified documents and material shall be destroyed by burning or, with the approval of the cognizant DoD Component head or designee, by melting, chemical decomposition, pulping, pulverizing, cross-cut shredding, or mutilation sufficient to preclude recognition or reconstruction of the …

What do you do if you find classified information?

Stay with the classified material and notify the security office. If this is not possible, take the documents or other material to the security office, a supervisor, or another person authorized access to that information, or, if necessary, lock the material in your own safe overnight.

Which method may be used to transmit confidential?

a. USPS Certified Mail is an authorized method for sending Confidential information to DoD contractors or non-DoD agencies within the U.S. and its Territories. Certified mail provides proof of mailing to the sender at the time of mailing.